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Facility Rental

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By making our facility available to others we seek to ensure full use of the resources entrusted to us and support the efforts of others with like-minded values.


The meeting house is situated on five acres of woodlands with ample parking and walking trails to a quiet stream.  It is located in northeast Mecklenburg County, approximately fifteen minutes from downtown and five minutes from the UNC Charlotte campus.

Overlooking the woods and stream this well-crafted facility includes a large, open and carpeted meeting room with flexible seating for up to 125 people, a kitchen, a dining/community room, three smaller meeting rooms and a nursery.  Full-length windows throughout the facility draw in natural light and provide a connection with the outdoors.


This facility is available for programs and activities that are in keeping with our Quaker testimonies and values.  The entire facility or selected rooms can be rented.  This is a smoke free facility and is accessible for people who use wheelchairs or have mobility impairments. 


Rental rates have been established to recover the costs incurred in owning and maintaining this property.  Requests for reductions will be considered.  Discounts are available for long-term use.  Both security deposit and rental fee must be paid in advance of the scheduled activity.

  • Security Deposits:
    - $50 for partial rental of facility
    - $100 for full rental of facility
  • General Rental Fee Scale based on
    two hour increments:
    - $100 for partial rental with a maximum
      of $250 for eight hours
    - $150 for full rental with a  maximum
      of $350 for eight hours


To explore the use of this facility call the meeting house at 704-599-4999 and leave a message.  We will return your call.