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Committees - How We Do the Meeting's Work

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Our experience has shown that active participation in the life of the Meeting community can deepen and enrich our understanding of Quakerism and what it means to be a Friend. Participating in committees provides us with opportunities to gain first-hand experience of Quaker principles in action. It also enables us to share and build our own gifts, talents and interests while encouraging others to do the same. In addition to attending Meetings for Worship, each member and attender of Charlotte Friends Meeting is encouraged to join one of the Open Committees and/or participate in planned Meeting Activities.

 Open Committees and Meeting Activities

 Clerks of Open Committees and Coordinators of Meeting Activities are approved by the Meeting. Membership on these committees and participation in these activities are open to the discernment of each member/attender as one feels led to volunteer time, talent and interest in service to the Meeting.

 Members of Open Committees are committed to helping in the planning and ongoing work of their respective committees. Coordinators of Meeting Activities also welcome volunteers to assist with various activities. The “new year” for the committees generally occurs mid-September.

 Fellowship. (Meeting Activity) Coordinates opportunities for Meeting fellowship (special potlucks and parties), schedules First Day greeters, gathers information from new attenders, makes name tags and organizes the Friendly 8s program.

 First Day School.  Develops curriculum for First Day school, schedules lessons and activities for First Day and other young Friends projects and activities. Recruits and schedules Friends to teach lessons and help with activities.

 Forum (Meeting Activity).  Schedules forums, programs, and events that provide spiritual enrichment and address social concerns of interest to Friends.  Under the care of Ministry and Counsel Committee.

 Hospitality (Meeting Activity).  Coordinates the volunteers for First Day refreshments, food for Meeting potlucks and other food events planned by Meeting. Maintains kitchen stocks and perishables.

 House and Grounds.  Monitors the upkeep and repair of the building and grounds. Schedules cleaning and work days for the members/attenders of the Meeting to participate in specific chores. Responsible for opening and closing the Meetinghouse on First Day.

 Library (Meeting Activity).  Provides care and management of the Meeting library. Interacts with other committees in the selection of materials.

 Music (Meeting Activity).  Coordinates opportunities for expressions of music in the life of the Meeting, including music on First Days prior to worship, music forums, and other events.

 Peace and Social Concerns.  Provides opportunities for the Meeting to act upon our Quaker Testimonies of peace, equality, and environmental concerns through educating and organizing action locally, supporting efforts that reflect Quaker values, and informing the Meeting about local, state, national and global peace and social concern issues.

 Named Committees

 Clerks and members of Named Committees are approved by the Meeting. These committees meet on a regular basis as they provide the core leadership of the Meeting. Members and attenders of the Meeting

who have a concern to bring to one of these committees should contact the clerk of the respective committee to discuss the concern. The clerk of that committee may take that concern to the committee for discussion, and/or may invite the individual to meet the committee as a special circumstance.

 Finance.  Develops the budget for Meeting approval and provides financial guidance for the Meeting. Members serve 3-year terms.

 Ministry and Counsel.  Oversees and nurtures the spiritual health and growth of the Meeting. Provides guidance and support to the Meeting community, individuals and committees as needed. Coordinated clearness committees. Provides support and nurture to the Clerk of the Meeting. Preferably members of CFM. Members serve 3 year terms.

 Long Range Envisioning.  Provides guidance to the Meeting in discerning and carrying forward its collective vision with attention to program, process, and setting of priorities for use of the meetinghouse space.

 Nominating.  Seeks to discern the varying gifts and interests of Meeting members/attenders for carrying forward the work of the Meeting. Annually develops a proposed slate of officers, representatives and committee clerks for approval by the Meeting. Members serve staggered 3-year terms from January to January. New members for this committee are approved by the Meeting based on nominations from an ad hoc committee appointed by the Clerk of the Meeting. Current and immediate past Clerks of the Meeting also serve on this committee.

 Nurture.  Gives attention to the support and nurture of members and attenders who have “practical” needs and concerns. Has a close connection to the monthly Meetings for Healing, and the Email healing ministry.

 Communications.  Seeks to create a sense of community and connectedness via a structured system for communications within and outside the meeting. Composed of the Telephone Liaison, Newsletter Friend, Calendar Friend, Directory Friend, Email List Friend, and ad hoc website committee. Under the care of Long Range Envisioning,