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Gifts and Leadings Committee

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Featured Ministry

Fair Trade—Yoko Koike Barnes

February 6, 2021 : Meeting for Worship with Attention to Yoko's Fair Trade Ministry. A chance to meet Yoko and learn about her ministry supporting the spread of Free Trade products. Look for a Zoom link in the meeting bulletin.

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What We Do

The Committee on Gifts and Leadings provides advice and support to the Meeting in its faithful nurture of all our members and attenders. The Committee receives inquiries and promotes accountability and care for those who wish to explore leadings and for those whose ministries are under the care of the meeting. Specifically, the Committee:

  • Provides programs for members and attenders to explore leadings.
  • Supports members and attenders who seek clearness for their leadings through support groups, informal and formal clearness committees. The Committee helps set up these committees; guides their work; receives, reviews, and, where needed, recommends revisions to their reports; and arranges reports to meeting for business.
  • Where a ministry is taken under the care of the meeting, the Committee recommends to meeting for business members of accountability groups; guides their work; receives, reviews, and, where needed, recommends revisions to their reports; and arranges annual reports to meeting for business.
  • When meeting treasury funds allow distributions to member ministries, the Committee researches ministries’ financial needs and recommends the amount to be distributed to ministries under the care of the meeting.
  • Gifts and Leadings Committee monitors the needs of members, clearness committees, member ministries, and accountability groups to recommend changes to ministry-related guidelines and to assist with certain functions which benefit from cross-ministry attention. Examples include but are not limited to writing and processing a joint ministry solicitation letter and interface with meeting staff, finance committee, treasurer, and others who serve in relation to member ministries.   

Gifts and Leadings Resources

Ministries Under the Meeting's Care

Yoko Koike Barnes—Fair Trade.

Berta Britz—Hearing Voices: Healing, Wholeness, and Justice.

Laurent Hahn—Radical Action for Peacemakers.

Viv Hawkins—LifeCalls (care for this ministry transferred to Green Street Meeting, Philadellphia).

Vanessa Julye—Helping the Religious Society of Friends Become More Welcoming to People of Color.

Arthur Larrabee—Quaker Decision-making and Clerking.

.O—Love and Respect Transform.