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Exploring the Quaker Way: Beyond Consensus—Quaker Decision Making

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Sunday, March 26, 2017 - 12:45pm to 2:00pm
Lucretia Mott room
United States

Please join us for the third in this year's Adult Religious Education series Exploring the Quaker Way. Barry Scott will lead us in a discussion of the Barry Morley pamphlet Beyond Consensus. Each program features a Pendle Hill Pamphlet on the topic, and is facilitated by a member of Central Philadelphia Meeitng.

Topic: Beyond Consensus—Quaker Discernment (Decision-making)

Date: March 26

Time: 12:45–2:00

Place: Lucretia Mott Room

Facilitator: Barry Scott

Pamphlet: Beyond Consensus: Salvaging Sense of the Meeting, by Barry Morley (PHP #307)