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Chat and Chew!

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Picnic Mixers on Third Sundays

It’s time to 


Picnic sponored by CPMM’s Membership Care Committee

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The Chat & Chew Picnic is a sort of ‘mixer’, an opportunity for folks to get together and get to know each other more deeply. The food and table topics are enablers to help us sit around and share with each other. Over the years, we have noted that small groups help nurture our community.Chat & Chew is a small group opportunity with minimal commitment!

We encourate you to bring simple food to share. If you come without, please do join us anyway. There will be enough!
If you can, please bring not only some food but also your own eating and serving utensils — in other words, mess kits, with the motto being:

bring it, share it, take it home.

Come Picnic with Us.

Third Sundays, from rise of Meeting until about 1p.m.