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Climate change resources

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From our discussion of climate change, here are some resources that might be helpful.

News sites:

NPR's state impact website -
Philadelphia Inquirer -
Yale Climate Change page -
EOS - Earth and space science news -

State resources

Sierra Club of Pennsylvania -
Penn Environment -
Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light
The Pennsylvania Council of Churches has useful links

Fracking resources:

Cornell University group involved in fracking research -
Better Path Coalition -

Major national organizations devoted to climate change advocacy:

Bill McKibben's group -
Transition US Resilience -
Natural Resources Defense Council
Post Carbon Institute -
Extinction Rebellion -
Union action on climate change -

Six of the most high-impact, cost-effective, evidence-based organizations -

Chesapeake Bay Foundation -

Justice for the coalfields -

Other resources:

Hawken book and website mentioned in 2nd hour discussion
Drawdown: 100 solutions to reverse global warming
Our World in Data article on greenhouse gases -
From Founder's Pledge - comparison of personal lifestyle changes -
Here is a related book mentioned in the current issue of Friends Journal: The Parents Guide to Climate Change

Local resources

South Mountain partnership -

Watershed protection groups within Cumberland County -

Agricultural Land Preservation Board -

Cumberland County Conservation Collaborative -

Quaker sites:

from Eli Fishpaw from Baltimore Yearly Meeting's Friends in Unity with Nature - NEXT STEPS IN JOURNEY TO RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH CREATION

Tools from FUN to calculate carbon footprint

EQAT (Earth Quaker Action Team) -
For those of you who remember when Charles Eisenstein spoke at the meetinghouse, he has a new book out on climate change.  Here is a link to a selection from the book: