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The meetinghouse will be open on Sunday, March 15, for Meeting for Worship. Cindy will open the meetinghouse, and Kay will be there for childcare.  There will be no First Day lesson.  We encourage people who choose to attend to continue the practice we began last week of greeting each other without touching and of maintaining a social distance during worship. The Forum scheduled for this Sunday, on becoming an anti-racist meeting, will be postponed until April 26.

We think it important to continue to nurture the spiritual life of the Meeting. At the same time, we realize that information from infectious disease experts indicates that COVID-19 is spread through the air and starts spreading before a carrier develops symptoms.  In deciding whether or not to come for worship, we urge you to make the decision that seems most appropriate for you, but also for the well-being of the entire community. Whether or not you decide to come to the meetinghouse, we encourage you to gather into silent worship from 10:30 to 11:30 on Sunday morning.

After this week, we will make decisions about holding Meeting at the meetinghouse on a weekly basis.  Cindy will consult with those who attend this week to see if there is someone willing to open on March 22.  The Forum for March 29 will be cancelled.  SCCC is asked to determine the recommendations for FCNL, using a process of their choice.

The co-clerks will begin a weekly meeting email that will be distributed on Fridays.  This will include updates on events for the week and how they are being handled.  You are encouraged to send information and requests to Pat and Ricky. This will be a way that we can continue to share with each other.  Feel free to send thoughts, needs, reports on the condition of others—anything that you might share in worship or at the end of meeting for worship.  We encourage everyone to keep in touch with each other through phone calls and emails.

We will also be exploring ways of holding meeting for worship remotely and will have more information on that next week.

“Keep close to the Light and own it alone to be your teacher, guide, and counselor in all the way through which you are to pass, and in all things that you are to do. Stand in the denial of self and all its goals; and own the Light.”~ James Parnell, 1637?-1656