Why do Quaker Schools Matter?

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The following is from an opening exercise given at Birmingham Meeting by West Chester Friends School's Head Brian Fahey.

An excerpt:

Continuing Revelation
Continuing revelation is the foundation of our work in schools. We know that it isn’t brought about by contemplating what we already know to be true. Revelation comes about when we allow that we don’t know all of the answers, when we create a space for mystery and possibility. With children, that means that we consider what we don’t know about a student to be just as important, or more important in some cases, as what we do know about them. If we contemplate the talent, insight, or curiosity that lives within a child and then consider how we might help them make those gifts apparent to the rest of our community, rather than defining the child based on what we already know about them, then we create the possibility of continuing revelation. If we only consider what we already know, we limit our understanding, and theirs.

The full opening exercise is in the attached documents.