What Newcomers Appreciate About Us

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Birmingham Friends Meeting: What newcomers appreciate about us

Quakerism originates in Christianity.
  • We are a community of active, engaged people who live their values
    • “Lives that speak”
    • Newcomers notice our collective energy
    • For some, engagement and community are enough
  • We are spiritual seekers
    • Our worship grows out of silence and is the center of what we do
    • In our Meeting we have people from varying spiritual backgrounds
    • Here we continue our spiritual journeys together
  • We are organized around committees and activities: things we do together
    • Birmingham Friends Meeting is our “home”
    • Our time together is full of joy
    • For many, organization without structure and doctrine is welcome
    • We care for each other
    • People are free to participate or not, without judgement
  • We are welcoming
    • We love and embrace every generation and every person
    • We ask nothing specific from those who worship with us
    • We become stronger as new people join us

Come join us!