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Tuition Assistance 2017-2018

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Applications for 2017-2018 Tuition Aid

If you are a member of Birm­ingham Meeting and your child attends a Quaker elementary, middle or high school, you can get tuition assistance from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (administered by Friends Education Fund), Concord Quarter and Birmingham Meeting. A needs test is required for PYM/FEF aid; contact your school for more information. Applications are below; the deadline for applications is February 15, 2017.

You need to fill out application forms for PYM, CQM and Birmingham. The PYM and CQM forms MUST be signed by our clerk. Return the PYM/FEF application to your child’s school by February 15. Mail the CQM application to the address on the form; it must be received by February 15. You can return the Birmingham form by email, USPS mail or you can drop it off at the meetinghouse by February 15.

Visit for more information about the PYM-FEF application process.