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Guidelines for use of Meeting Property by Outside Groups

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Approved by BMM 6/7/2009

Guidelines for Use of Meeting Property by Outside Groups

Approved by BMM 6/7/2009

Revised 11/5/17


Activities Permitted:

All activities associated with Birmingham-sponsored religious services, programs, events, committee meetings, and member family weddings, reunions, anniversaries, memorial services, family gatherings, and other member-sponsored family events.

Not-for-profit activities and programs for the benefit of the local populace which are not in conflict with Quaker ideals, principles and testimonies.

For-profit activities and programs and/or those where a fee is charged are NOT permitted unless the proceeds generated are for the benefit of a Birmingham-sponsored activity or for a worthy cause which is in harmony with Friends’ testimonies.

Use Authorization:

Decisions on whether a particular outside group (i.e. a group that does not include a member of Birmingham Meeting) may use our property are to be made jointly by the Clerk or designee of the Property Committee and the Meeting Secretary. When there is disagreement or concern, the decision should be referred to the Clerk of the Meeting for consideration at monthly meeting.

The Meeting Secretary should report annually at meeting for business on the use of our property by outside groups.

Use Guidelines:

  • All groups using Birmingham’s property must schedule its use through the Meeting Secretary in advance.
  • The Secretary will keep a record of each group that includes:
    • The name of the group and its purpose;
    • The group’s contact person, email and phone number;
    • The date(s) and time(s) of use;
    • The member of Birmingham Meeting who is the group’s contact. The contact will be often, but not necessarily, the Clerk or designee of the Property Committee.
  • Weekend use of property by an outside group should generally not be scheduled more than one month in advance.
  • Wording of advertisements of programs and activities to be conducted using Birmingham Meeting’s property must be cleared through the Meeting Secretary.
  • Outside groups may serve but not cook food in the meetinghouse kitchen. The preparation and serving of non-alcoholic beverages is permitted.
  • Outside groups using the Meeting's property may be invited to make a contribution in keeping with the extent of use and associated expenses incurred by the Meeting.
  • The Meeting reserves the right to require a proposed user of Birmingham’s property to:
    • Enter into a use and occupancy agreement containing such terms and conditions as may be approved by the Meeting from time to time including, without limitation, the obligation of the user to comply with all laws applicable to the care and protection of children, e.g.; obtaining child abuse clearances and background checks for the user’s personnel and reporting to the appropriate authorities all actual and suspected child abuse;
    • Deliver to the Meeting in advance of its use of Birmingham’s property a certificate of liability insurance naming “Birmingham Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends” as an additional insured; and
  • The Meeting may decline such use unless the amount of insurance and the issuer of such insurance are satisfactory to it.


The Property Committee periodically reviews this document and updates it, as needed.

Exceptions to these guidelines must be approved by the Meeting.