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Birmingham Meeting Secretary Responsibilities

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Birmingham Meeting                                                                                September 2018

Meeting Secretary Responsibilities

    • Maintain and update meeting Calendar
    • Produce and distribute weekly Bulletin
      • Collect information from the Meeting such as calendar, announcements, opening exercises, greeters and refreshments
      • Collect other information such as readings, birthdays and anniversaries as space allows
  • Collect and coordinate items for the Messenger (joint newsletter with West Chester Meeting)
    • Collect information from the Meeting
    • Collect information from other sources, i.e., Quarterly and Yearly Meeting, community events, etc.
    • Assemble information including Monthly Meeting Minutes and deliver to West Chester Friends Meeting
    • Assist with preparation of mailing with West Chester Meeting
  • Maintain Meeting web site and calendar
    • Update calendar, flyers, and documents available on-line
    • Update and maintain white board, bulletin boards and information centers
  • Interface with the public and Quaker community
    • Collect, read and distribute mail and emails
    • Answer phone and respond to questions
    • Provide information to tours and visitors
  • Interface with public agencies and service contractors
    • Keep public forms and applications up to date for food Service, Board of Elections and Birmingham police
    • Co-ordinate building access for service contractors
      • Act as Meeting Recorder
        • Coordinate data consistency between Meeting, PYM and Committees
        • Maintain and update member information
        • Provide annual membership statistics to PYM
        • Reconcile membership statistics between Meeting and PYM
        • Maintain the Recorder Key Book
        • Maintain meeting database
        • Back up meeting computer
        • Preserve minutes from Monthly Meeting for Business
        • Maintain a user-friendly file system
        • Assist in archiving Meeting Records, as needed
        • Maintain Meeting Directory and Committee Lists
        • Prepare name tags


    • Meet with Meeting Clerk on a regular basis
    • Prepare, distribute and file Monthly Meeting for Business agenda documents, as needed
    • Attend Monthly Meeting for Business
    • Assist committees with mailings as needed
    • Print reports as needed by committees
    • Preserve committee meeting minutes and other files
    • Create sign-up sheets: refreshments, opening exercises, greeters


    • Stock pamphlets and Faith and Practice
    • Maintain and order office supplies
    • Re-order literature subscriptions