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Birmingham Friends Meeting committees assist with the work of the Meeting.

Fellowship Committee
The Fellowship Committee sponsors social gatherings and provides assistance for special luncheons and dinners given by Birmingham Meeting.
Oversight and Pastoral Care Committee
The Oversight and Pastoral Care Committee is responsible for the pastoral care and counseling of Meeting members; committee members take a personal interest in the spiritual and physical welfare of each member.
Peace and Social Concerns Committee
The Peace and Social Concerns Committee works to improve the civic, economic, social and moral conditions of the community, country and the world; it works for peace among all groups and promotes education for peace and social service.
Property Committee
The Property Committee has responsibility for maintaining the meeting house and grounds in a clean, orderly and healthful condition.
Religious Education Committee
The Religious Education Committee is responsible for the Meeting's First Day School (Sunday School) program.
Worship and Ministry Committee
The Worship and Ministry Committee oversees the quality of our meetings for worship and provides for the religious development of Meeting members and attenders.
Youth Committee
The Youth Committee allows Meeting youth to become familiar with and grow in Quaker faith and practice, to become active participants in and contributors to the life of the Meeting’s spiritual community.

Private Committee Areas

Access to a specific committee's area is limited to members of that committee.
Fellowship Committee
Finance Committee
Nominating Committee
Oversight & Pastoral Care Committee
Peace & Social Concerns Committee
Property Committee
Religious Education Committee
Worship & Ministry Committee