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Peace & Justice Committee Issues

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* Work to create multi-part state

* Work to eliminate extreme gerrymandering and voter suppression laws in Alabama

* Work to make the Alabama Legislature fair and just, adopting and enforcing a code of ethics

* Work to eliminate systemic racism and white european supremecy 

* Prevent cuts to Medicaid, Medicare & Social Security 

* Work to end predatory lending

* Work for Constitutional Reform in Alabama

* Reach out to other religious groups

While these are the issues the committee has discussed - please comment on these or other issues the committee should be concerned with.



Peter Furst - furp329's picture
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As I read these issues, I realize that most of them would require lobbying either on the state level or the national leve.  The only two that are not government related are the ones addressing systemic racism and  reaching out to other religious organizations.  

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