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The Communications Committee became an official standing committee in July 2014, but had been meeting as an ad hoc committee for about a year and a half before that. Due to the nature of the work the Communications Committee does, we are involved in most aspects of the Meeting, and work with all other committees and officers to varying degrees.


As the school year gets underway, the Religious Education Committee resumes regular and NEW programming. Here is what is in store for our kids this year:

For Pre-school and Elementary Ages
>From Susanna Laird


Property Committee is a busy committee with lots of hands-on tasks and responsibilities. We are fortunate to have a great crew of handymen, alert tenants who call us when they see something that needs the committee’s attention, volunteers who sign up for projects, and a list of local contractors with whom we’ve developed good relationships. We also maintain positive connections with our neighbors.


Dear Friends,

As I write this early on a Saturday morning, birds are singing, and though the sky is gray there is not snow on the ground - or any in the ten day forecast. The daffodils will blossoms this week and temperatures are above freezing! What a long winter it was! And at the end of it all, there is still hope.


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