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Dear friends: 

As you all know, the COVID-19 coronavirus has arrived in Pennsylvania and is quickly spreading through neighboring communities. Committee clerks and members of Care and Oversight consulted extensively over the last 24 hours. We have decided that the best way to protect the safety of our community -- both the Meeting community, and the community around us -- is to cancel all in-person Schuylkill Meeting events at the meetinghouse at least through March 30. 


Dear Friends:

Please join us as we dig into the newly revised Faith and Practice. Below are the reading for each date.  We encourage EVERYONE to join us!

January 27:

Section I: Experience and Faith, pp. 2-12

AND pp. 107-121

February 24:

Section II: Faith Reflected in Practice and Daily Life, pp. 14-39

AND pp. 147-160

March 24:

Section III: Faith Reflected in Our Organization, pp. 44-79

AND pp.184-204


Friends!  The basket for PACS will now be delivered to PACS once a month, on the Thursday following business meeting.  Thank you for helping our local community!

PACS graciously accepts anything you can offer. Even a box of cereal or jar of peanut butter will help a family in need!


Schuylkill Friends are reading the Pendle Hill pamphlet "Marking the Quaker Path" by Robert Griswold.  Pamphlets are available in the social room for $7.00.  Discussion gatherings are being planned for this fall.  Questions?  Contact Worship & Ministry Committee members.


Minutes from Sept 2016 Meeting for Business are now posted in the Resources section.  Login required.