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Please join us and worship with us virtually over zoom.

You can email the clerk at: [email protected] for details and the invite.


A vigil will be held at the Rahway and Plainfield Friends Meetinghouse on Sunday June 7th at noon.

All are welcome to join us.


Residents of New Jersey and other states have been told to stay at home
in order to stem the tide of cases of this new corona virus. Thus Friends
have not been able to gather at the meetinghouse for worship.

Join us for virtual meeting for worship by computer or phone
Every Sunday, 10:30 a.m. DST



Our construction project to rebuild the school wing is finally under way!

Thanks go out to everyone that helped with the significant work of clearing out many years of accumulated things and helping keep the project on track. 

We will not have use of the school wing for the next few months but accomodations have been made for coffee hour and restrooms etc so meetings will continue un-interruped. 


It is critical we get as much help as possible on March 10th to help clean out the school wing. 

Please join us.  Food will be provided.


Friends, the construction project to rebuild our school wing is happening!

You will see lots of changes and things happening in March and we would appreciate your help in making it all work.  

Plans are being made to remove everything from the school wing on Sunday, March 10, so that asbestos removal and reconstruction of the school wing can begin. A pod will be on the property in which to store things we are keeping. A dumpster will be available for things we are not keeping. We need everyone’s help.


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