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Applications for small grants to nonprofits you work with are open now and due by Thursday, April 30.  These grants are awarded out of $5000 set aside annually by the Meeting for this purpose.  The Peace Committee reviews these applications and makes recommendations for awards at meeting for business.  Everyone who applied for and received one of these grants last year needs to fill out a report form to let the Meeting know how the money was used.  No renewals of grants will be awarded without this report.  Please provide some detail in your report.   Forms to apply for a 2


An Afternoon of Beauty, Truth, Life, and Love with Brent Bill

Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 12:30 pm.

Are you living the abundant life?

An abundant life—not an abundance life. There’s a significant difference between the two.

Dear Friends on The Path,

If you are getting this email, it is either because you are dear to me or because we share some, if not most, of our deeply held values.  Most of you fall into both those categories.

Most of you know I live in the pretty progressive small (population about 7,000) southern town of Hillsborough NC which many artists and writers call home.  We have a large arts community and a fair number of town events through the year that are attended by a large, diverse slice of the townies.  

Our meetinghouse is home to Shiné, a project of meeting member Katy Hawkins. Shiné is under the care of our Worship and Ministry Committee because Katy offers more than simply "yoga classes" but an opportunity to engage spiritually in a different way that is complementary to our waiting worship on Sunday mornings. Find class times and more at and learn about Shiné in Katy's own words here: 

Each Spring, Peace & Social Concerns considers applications for grants from organizations with with the Meeting community is involved.  The forms to request a grant and to report on use of grant funds from last year are attached to this announcement.  Renewal of grants will not be considered unless a report is filled out.  Forms are due 4/30/19 and should be sent to Linda Rosenwein at [email protected].  


A foundational Quaker theology for today needs but four brief points.

  1. “God” signifies “love” — in biblical Greek, agapē.7
  2. “Love/agapē” signifies behavior, empathetic encounter with and response to the actual other in her actual need.8

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