Resources are a library of PFF and PFYM documents for which we have digitized data.

PFF Resources
Minutes of PFF Annual Meetings
Agendas for PFF Representatives Meetings
Minutes of PFF Rpresentatives Body Meetings
Ad-hoc Committee for Yearly Meeting Concerns
PFF Treasurers reports and budgets
PFF Directory

PFYM resources
Minutes of PFYM Annual Meeting Sessions
Agendas for PFYM Interim Meetings
Minutes of PFYM Interim Meetings
PFYM Foundational, Organization, and Procedural Documents
PFYM general documents

(Pre digital minutes, reports, and/ other publications back to 1968 may be found at Guilford College Quaker Archives.)

We will use this page to share preparation documentation for the 2019 PFF and PFYM Spring retreat.


Agenda and supporting documents for PFYM interim meetings


Agendas and supporting documents for PFF representative meetings


Minutes of PFF representatives meetings

2019 Minutes

2018 Minutes

2017 Minutes

2016 Minutes