Friends General Conference

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News & Announcements

Meetings for Worship have been  temporarly suspended due to need for social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. We are working on holding Meetings via Zoom, but in the meantime feel free to join us in silent worship from the comfort and safety of your own home - 10:30 each First Day (Sunday)

Something special happens each First Sunday of the month at the rise of Meeting - Discussion Group, Social Event and Meeting for Business on a rotating basis. 


We have just begun the study of this Pendle Hill Pamphlet, 399.  As expected it has stimulated much discussion regarding the interpretation of this chapter of Matthew.

It will help all of us to understand more about the Love of Jesus and that he spoke in metaphors and parables. Some of us have come from a background of you "live by the word and the word is literal" so this has opened those eyes to the reality that this is indeed metaphorical.

As we study together and open discussions many things come to light and are shared.  We look forward to this continued study.


In the middle of last year, 2016 our meeting began thinking about and sitting with the idea of changing yearly meetings from Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting.

The reason being that Baltimore and most of the activities and events around BYM are geographically so far away.

We are down in the far south west corner of Virginia and as an aging meeting it became increasingly difficult for us to participate with BYM.