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Anatomy of a Welcoming Quaker Information Corner


Images and article by Kathleen Wooten, Friendly Social Media Expert and member of Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting


My meeting rents space. We do not currently have a table to put stuff on at an entrance, though we do have a greeter who stands there. I inherited a bulletin board and decided to spruce it up with current information about our meeting.


When creating a table or bulletin board to help newcomers and seekers learn more about your meeting, consider the following questions:

  • What is needed for the audience that uses this board?
  • How can every piece of paper guide the reader to a person or website for more info?
  • What is essential, not cluttered?
  • Who updates this, and often?

I learned quickly that everything on our bulletin board was out of date - it was geared towards current members, not newcomers and seekers. I felt it needed more clear, simple "what's a Quaker" type of resources. I got these from FGC, though my intention is to write our own eventually.

Our updated bulletin board now features:

  • A list of ALL our committees and groups, and which ones are "of the whole" or "nominated" positions - and how to participate.
  • Handouts that all have our website address at the bottom
  • Envelopes that are subtly pinned to the board - they can be shifted and moved as needed.

The greeter now can point to things, as say "here's more" for people who are readers that want to bring information home with them and may not be very chatty, or may not ready to have a conversation yet.

My next steps for our meeting's board will involve adding:

  • A current copy of latest newsletter (which has business meeting minutes)
  • A Reading List of resources from our 2nd hour discussions
  • A brief handout of committee descriptions


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