Quakers in Action – August 2015

Curious about the work of Quakers around the world? We’ve compiled recent online news articles that featured Friends, web postings from FGC15 plenary presenters, and inspirational ideas for Quaker parents. Click on the title to view the full article. 

Friends United Meeting: First Woman Serves as Presiding Clerk of a Yearly Meeting in East Africa

Bware Yearly Meeting in southwestern Kenya recently appointed the first female Presiding Clerk of any yearly meeting in East Africa.

Huffington Post: 4 Things We Can All Learn From One Of America’s Oldest Religious Communities

Originally published in 2014, this article hughlighting four notable qualities of Quakerism was widely shared by Friends when we featured it on our social media channels this month. 

83 Degrees Media: Going carless in Tampa: HCC professor finds commuting by bus works for him

Tampa Bay-area Quaker Dustin Lemke discussed his decision to go car-less and the benefits of using public transportation with a local news outlet. 

Education Week: Stop Comparing Yourself: Celebrate and Develop Who You Are

A passage from FGC15 plenary presenter Parker J. Palmer’s book A Hidden Wholeness is featured in this op-ed. 

Carrie Newcomer: The Speed of Soul Blog

Everyone’s favorite Quaker folk singer has a blog featuring her poetic musings on life, humming birds, and everything in-between.

PBS Parents: How to Teach Children About Cultural Awareness and Diversity

While this article does not directly feature Quakers, we were delighted by the suggestions lifted up by PBS Parents and hope that Friends who wish to further the diversity and inclusion work of FGC’s Ministry on Racism program with the children in their lives are inspired by it, too. 

The Journal: What I’ve learned from going to a Quaker school

A rising high school senior in Philadelphia describes her experience attending Quaker schools.

New York Times: The Invisible Hand Behind Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

Did a publisher’s Quaker upbringing influence the creation of an American fiction classic? The New York Times Books section examines the impact Quaker-raised editor Tay Hohoff had on Harper Lee’s literary masterpiece.

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