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What is QuakerQuest?

QuakerQuest offers a model of outreach for Quaker meetings, inviting Friends to share the story of what it means to be a Quaker today in their local communities, in their meeting, and in their lives.  The framework of QuakerQuest outreach is adapted to reflect the unique voice of each individual meeting.

In the process of preparing for QuakerQuest outreach, meetings often experience deep spiritual sharing and take steps toward being more welcoming and inclusive of newcomers.  QuakerQuest can be a transformative experience for both long-time Friends and those newcomers stepping in the door for the first time.  Often the simple act of thinking about welcoming newcomers, of getting ready to receive them, and of preparing to integrate them into the life of the meeting, will give new life to a meeting.

A meeting engaged in the QuakerQuest process participates in two workshops - the Full Day Workshop and the Half-Day Preparation Session - in preparation for hosting a series of public outreach events.  For many meetings, getting ready for QuakerQuest outreach also sparks the development of inreach opportunities, new welcoming practices, improvements to the meeting house, and a strengthening of programming for children and families.  Learn more about the QuakerQuest process.

What is Powerful about the QuakerQuest Experience?

  • The experiential nature of the QuakerQuest workshops allow Friends to take risks, have fun, consider new possibilities, feel energized, try new ways of being, and share joy.  Because the whole meeting participates in QuakerQuest workshops and outreach sessions, not just a few individuals, the impact can be transformative.
  • QuakerQuest workshops are grounded in possibility, optimism, and spiritual transformation.  Friends leave the workshops feeling empowered to make changes and to envision a different future.  Out of the Quaker Quest process, meetings and individuals have found that deep conversations and sharings have begun, faith has been deepened, connections with others in the meeting has been strengthened, and growth has happened—spiritually and, often, numerically.
  • After over 100 workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada, the QuakerQuest community has collected a wealth of shared knowledge about how meetings have addressed concerns or implemented creative solutions around outreach campaigns, strategies for welcoming newcomers, and ideas for building spiritual community.  The You Are Welcome Here! booklet shares some of these great ideas around becoming welcoming communities.   

How can my meeting get started?

At this time, Friends General Conference is not scheduling any future QuakerQuest workshops.  However, a do-it-yourself guide for leading QuakerQuest in your meeting will be available in Fall 2015.  Check back soon!