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Nurture Your Meeting With a Visit through Traveling Ministries

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Does your meeting need help refocusing on the Spirit?

Since 1998, FGC has provided individualized spiritual support for Quaker meetings through the Traveling Ministries Program.


How will Traveling Ministries help my meeting?

Traveling Ministries connects Friends with gifts of ministry to Quaker meetings requesting spiritual support. Through weekend retreats and workshops, experienced Friends offer assistance with deepening worship, building your faith community, and navigating conflict with love.

Traveling Ministries offers spiritual support to Quaker meetings that want to:

• Share spiritual journeys and build community
• Hold a retreat or workshop
• Nurture the quality of meeting for worship
• Work through issues and conflicts in the community
• Deepen the experience of meeting for worship with attention to business

Each of us is given opportunities to grow in the Spirit and know ourselves and each other on a deeper spiritual level. Traveling Ministries helps meetings refocus and become more centered in the Spirit as a community.

Read our “Steps for Requesting a Visitor” PDF to get started.

Who will visit our meeting?

After your meeting has completed the process necessary to determine if a visit is needed, the Traveling Ministries program will send two individuals:

  • an experienced Friend whose ministry is relevant to your meeting’s needs
  • a companion who will support this Friend and the process spiritually and practically throughout the visit.

These visitors will bring a Letter of Travel from FGC and may carry minutes of travel from their meetings. 

Click here to read about experienced Friends and those who accompany them.


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