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Nurture Your Meeting With a Visit

photo by Seth Barch

Meetings may nurture, refresh, and rejuvenate the spiritual life of their communities by hosting Friends traveling in the ministry. FGC offers a service that connects meetings seeking support with experienced Friends who have spiritual gifts to share.

Does your meeting want to:

  • Nurture the quality of meeting for worship?
  • Deepen the experience of meeting for worship with attention to business?
  • Share spiritual journeys and build community?
  • Work through issues and conflicts in the community?
  • Hold a retreat or workshop?

If your meeting believes it could benefit from a visit by a traveling minister, FGC can connect you with an appropriate Friend.

How to begin the process:

  • Review the materials listed below
  • Ask your meeting to consider inviting a visitor to lead a workshop or retreat
  • As a community, seek to discern your needs and the ideal outcome of a visit
  • Appoint a meeting liaison to contact FGC

If you have questions about this service, call 515-277-2189 to speak to the FGC associate secretary for ministries.

Materials to review

Who will visit our meeting?

Your meeting will receive a visit from a seasoned Friend whose ministry is relevant to your meeting’s needs. The visitor will travel with a companion in the ministry who will support the visitor and the process spiritually and practically throughout the visit. The visitor and the companion in the ministry will bring a Letter of Travel from FGC and may carry minutes of travel from their meetings. If they present both documents only the travel minute needs to be endorsed by the clerk or designated Friend at your meeting.