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Create a Financial and Estate Plan

If you long to combine your faith with your financial planning, FGC’s Stewardship Services program can help. We offer confidential individual consultations and popular stewardship workshops for meetings.

Our program is an educational and consultative service. We work with you and your trusted advisors to identify choices that match your values and help you to accomplish your goals, whether or not those goals include support of FGC.


Financial & Estate Planning Consultations

FGC’s Financial and Estate Planning program is more than financial fact-finding and investment choices.  It is a holistic approach to financial wellbeing throughout our various life stages.  The approach seeks to combine your faith with your planning to help you establish goals, priorities, and a clear path to good stewardship.

Stewardship Workshops for Meetings

Our popular stewardship workshops open the conversation about stewardship, Friends, and money in an interactive group setting at monthly meetings.  Learn about the three educational workshops offered and how to bring one (or more) to your meeting.

Stewardship Assistance

Good stewardship is a spiritual process that helps us to be whole—in good order inwardly and outwardly.  It consists of actions that advance peace, simple living, justice, and a healthy ecosystem, as well as planning that considers the needs of our family and our faith communities. Interested in learning more? Contact Larry Jalowiec, Director of Stewardship Services.

Friends General Conference will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding planned giving.  Our Stewardship Services Program, in partnership with Friends Fiduciary Corporation and Everence, will be pleased to work with you to create a plan that balances your financial and philanthropic goals.  The results of such planning can provide you and your loved ones with many benefits and have a lasting impact on FGC and other charities of your choice. 

Everence is a Mennonite financial services organization.  FGC and Everence are working in partnership through FGC’s Stewardship Services Program to provide a wide range of estate and financial planning services to Friends.

FGC is not a financial, legal or tax advisor. Please consult with your own advisors regarding your financial, legal, or tax needs to make certain that a contemplated gift fits well into your overall circumstances and planning. The discussion and examples in this section are for illustrative and educational purposes only and are not a solicitation or offer.

Friends interested in financial, retirement, estate planning or stewardship education may contact Larry Jalowiec, FGC's Director of Stewardship Services, at 215-588-4203 (cell) or email  

To help facilitate the process, we ask that you propose three possible dates to meet.