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A Partnership Press

Here is an alternative way to publish your Quaker book so that you retain full ownership of the right to publish.  You make the investment, you own the books, and you take on both the risks of the investment and the possible benefit of the sales.

Why does FGC offer this alternative publishing model?

In these rapidly changing days of book production and book sales, we have the resources to produce only a few of the new titles we would like to make available to our readers.  By entering into a partnership with authors or other funders, we can help bring to birth a larger number of titles that serve our mission.

We are a partnership press – not a vanity press.

Why choose QuakerBridge Media?

  • FGC puts our name and reputation behind QuakerBridge Media publications.  We select only those manuscripts that meet the content requirements and standards of professionalism we require for our traditional imprint, QuakerPress.
  • QuakerBridge Media publications are carried in QuakerBooks of FGC,  our online and traveling bookstore.  They are listed in our online catalog.  We will send out review copies and advise you about promotion.
  • We can provide you with all the features of a professionally produced book, including copyediting, design, indexing, printing, an ISBN number, Library of Congress listing, and more. We can also produce digital books for ereaders.

How do I get started?

We use the same submission process for both presses.  See our author’s guidelines and our author proposal form.

Once we read the author proposal form and review the manuscript, we will tell you whether we think it is a candidate for us to publish.  We will describe the steps in the process and discuss the work to be done.  For example, will the book need an index?  Will copy editing be heavy or light?  Based on these details, and your preferences, we can give you an estimate of the   timeline and cost, and make a mutual decision about whether and how to proceed.

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QuakerBridge Media offers the option of producing your book in digital format in addition to or instead of print.  QuakerBooks of FGC can provide the delivery system for people purchasing your book to read on Nooks, Kindles, iPads, and other devices.  We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of this option with you.