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Online Communications Intern

Joanne Clapp Fullagar
Paid Position

This is a one-year paid internship at FGC’s Office in Philadelphia, PA for someone with strong verbal and written communications skills seeking to gain a strong understanding of some of the key technology and tools supporting professional communications today. This intern will work closely with the Communications and Web Manager, and other FGC staff to support ongoing communications work across the organization.  This work will be guided by FGC’s minute of purpose, major goals and associated programs.  It will include substantial work in Drupal with FGC’s primary website,, in Salesforce which is our primary database and with a variety of related web tools.   This position will play a role training and supporting FGC programs to use the web and social media for effective communications as well as participating in broader strategic communications efforts.  Familiarity with the web and a high level of comfort with computers and online communications will be important, but the position does not require a high level of technical skills.  


Upon completion, a successful intern will be well qualified for many entry level positions in non-profit communications and web consulting.  

Desired Qualifications: 

Education: College graduate or equivalent experience.  


  1. Working with online and print communications.
  2. Providing training or support with technology.
  3. Basic web technologies or blogging, Microsoft Office, and databases.
  4. Collaborative work with colleagues on complex projects.
  5. With Quaker meetings and Quaker faith and practice.


  1. Grasp of effective online communications, including writing for the web and using social media. 
  2. High level of comfort and familiarity with computers and the web.  Basic understanding of HTML, image manipulation for the web or relational databases a major plus. 
  3. Strong written and verbal communications skills.


  1. Ability to manage several complex projects. 
  2. Ability to work collaboratively with others, and to take directions from senior colleagues.
  3. Ability to make a full one-year commitment to the position.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Working closely with program staff and key volunteers, assist in the development of content for the website, including written materials, interviews, photographs, and possibly podcasts, video and/or blogs.
  2. Solicit, collect, write and post stories for our bimonthly eNewsletter Vital Friends.
  3. Process updates to the website no less than once every two weeks.
  4. Search the web for relevant, high quality content on Quakers and Quaker faith that could be aggregated on as part of an FGC Guide to Websites and Blogs.  
  5. Provide support and training for colleagues on basic use of the FGC website, Salesforce and related web technologies.
  6. Assist the Communications and Cloud Support Associate with sales, marketing and support of the Quaker Cloud
  7. Assist in supporting FGC governance committees as they adopt the Quaker Cloud for the day-to-day work of their committees.  
  8. Conduct a monthly meeting census, contacting Quaker meetings in North America to secure key contact information, informing contacts about FGC programs and asking them about the meeting’s needs.  Enter this information into our SalesForce database.
  9. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Supervisor:  Communications and Web Manager

Hours:  100% Time (35 hours/week)
Stipend:   $20,500/year plus full benefits


Apply now

Send resume, cover letter and a sample of your promotional writing to:

Deadline: May 4, start of business.

Position Details

Hours:  100% Time (35 hours/week)
Stipend:   $20,500/year plus full benefits
Supervisor:  Communications and Web Manager