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John Woolman
2014 FGC Gathering Theme : Let Love Be The First Motion

"Twelfth of sixth month being the first of the week and a rainy day, we continued in our tent, and I was led to think on the nature of the exercise which hath attended me.

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Anthony Manousos

Called "the most remarkable Quaker couple since George Fox married Margaret Fell," Howard and Anna Brinton exemplified what it meant to be a committed Quaker couple in the twentieth century.

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Janet Oshewsky

The tale of a Quaker farm boy caught up in the adventures and politics of Colonial Pennsylvania during the French and Indian Wars.

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The Directory for Traveling Friends for the United States and Canada lists information about people who are open to hosting traveling Friends in their homes. A revised and updated edition was published in September 2013, and information is updated every few months.

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There are many resources and websites that your Quaker meeting could find helpful -- some of these offer free downloads on everything from how to do mission statements to working with an architect to demographic information about your neighborhood or city or county. 

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There are a variety resources available for Friends meetings and worship groups that wish to tackle important topics while learning together.  Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

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Growing spiritually as a worship group or meeting is vital.  You will find the following resources helpful as you look for ways to go deeper together.

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