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Nov 23 10:00 AM: Quaker Topics - The new MMM Quaker Cloud website - overview and demonstration on the big screen. See what's on the site, how to find things, and learn about special features for members and committees. Downstairs, Margaret Fell room.

Nov 30 10:00 AM: Quaker Topics - Individual leadings and  meeting-wide leadings.  Do they agree? Should they agree? Downstairs, Margaret Fell room.

December 7 10:00AM: Meeting for Business - Upstairs, main room.

  • 11:30 for preschool through middle school
  • 11:15 for high school

Parents should look for registration information on the first day their children attend. If you have previously completed medical information forms and release forms you will not need to redo them unless there have been changes.

For more information about our First Day School and Religious Education for children and youth, see our First Day School web page. See you there!


One edge of our community, something which some have been sensing much more as a deep change than an edge, has been the loss of 6 of our long term members and attenders. All of them have been engaged with us for many years, some of them during our formative years. Even as we name them; George Steuer, Virginia Sample, Lora Schlaefer, Gene Farley, Jeff Patterson, and Barbara Houghton, we find ourselves visualizing all of the ways they are part of who we have been and still are.


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