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The El Salvador Committee of Northern Yearly Meeting (NYM) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) announces a one month long teaching and learning opportunity for adults 18 and over in July 2015.


Local Vegetables from Los Jalapeños Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Meeting hosts a pick-up site for this Farley Center project. Join for $450; pick up your box of vegetables Sunday at the meetinghouse, June –Oct, 20 weeks. CSA members can get a rebate of $200 from participating HMOs. Some Friends seek to share a box, alternate weeks or splitting. Questions/interest in sharing, email or call Sarah, 317-445-1806.


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Apr 12: Meeting For Business, 10:00 upstairs, resumes at 12:45 if needed.

Apr 19: State of Society: Ministry and Counsel will bring queries to help us prepare the annual State of Society report from Madison Meeting to the annual session of Northern Yearly Meeting.  1. What is life-giving for our meeting community? 2. What things are causing Madison Meeting to struggle this year? 3. How are we doing outreach, if we are? 4. What successes are we having from our outreach?

  • 11:30 for preschool through middle school
  • 11:15 for high school

Parents should look for registration information on the first day their children attend. If you have previously completed medical information forms and release forms you will not need to redo them unless there have been changes.

For more information about our First Day School and Religious Education for children and youth, see our First Day School web page. See you there!


One edge of our community, something which some have been sensing much more as a deep change than an edge, has been the loss of 6 of our long term members and attenders. All of them have been engaged with us for many years, some of them during our formative years. Even as we name them; George Steuer, Virginia Sample, Lora Schlaefer, Gene Farley, Jeff Patterson, and Barbara Houghton, we find ourselves visualizing all of the ways they are part of who we have been and still are.


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