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Here you will find news items of interest about FGC. We will also feature news items from other Quaker Organizations in the United States and Canada at their request.

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre has launched two new online postgraduate programs in Quakerism that Friends can study no matter where they are in the world!

About the program

Quaker News | May 6th 2014
All FGC websites have been secure and continue to be secure, including the Quaker Cloud and QuakerBooks. We were not affected by the Heartbleed bug.
| April 25th 2014

The complete March 2014 eNewsletter is visible at or as a PDF

FGC News | March 27th 2014

In early March 2014, FGC brought together 65 Friends “to help make the full depth, joy, and fire of Quaker faith and practice highly available, teachable, and experiential for all those who are or will become part of our faith communities.” 

FGC News | March 26th 2014

The 2014 White Privilege Conference will be taking place in Madison, Wisconsin, on March 26th-29th, and pre-registration to join the Quaker group is now live!

FGC is again sponsoring a Quaker group to attend the conference, open to Friends of all traditions.

FGC News | January 21st 2014

For their second series of Quaker Quest public sessions, Greensboro First Friends Meeting offers a unique program for those curious about Quakers and those already on the Quaker path.

Quaker News | January 9th 2014
FGC News | December 3rd 2013
Barry Crossno outlines the case for a comprehensive religious education and spiritual formation program for newcomers and Friends.
FGC News | November 25th 2013

James Turrell’s grandmother used to say of Quaker meeting, “Go inside and greet the Light.”  The Quaker architect has made a career of using light and space in interesting and novel ways.  He designed and donated the Skyspace in the meeting room of the new

Quaker News | November 15th 2013

Several Quaker families have offered up to $60,000 to match new and increased gifts to FGC. All new and increased portions will be matched. Increases of $200 + are double matched!

Give now to support FGC's work and to help us earn the full challenge!

FGC News | November 12th 2013

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