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Here you will find news items of interest about FGC. We will also feature news items from other Quaker Organizations in the United States and Canada at their request.

Registration for the 2013 Retreat for Friends of Color and Their Families in Washington, DC has been extended to October 25th. We hope you will join us in this nourishing weekend!
FGC News | October 16th 2013
FGC News | September 4th 2013

Intermountain Yearly Meeting affiliated with FGC in 2009, and this year hosted its first Gathering in beautiful Greeley, Colorado, June 30 through July 6.  FGC is especially appreciative of the engagement and enthusiasm of IMYM in organizing and supporting the Gathering.  This year saw

FGC News | August 29th 2013

The Quaker Voluntary Service has opened a new branch in Philadelphia this year, and FGC will be hosting Maire Elizabeth Moriarty to work with our Ministry on Racism.

FGC News | August 22nd 2013

Thanks to you, FGC is helping new and existing Quaker faith and practice communities become more visible, welcoming, and inclusive–while nurturing deep and transformed spiritual lives. 

| May 7th 2013

Since 2007, FGC has worked with over 100 monthly meetings in about 21 yearly meetings across the US and Canada.

| April 9th 2013

The New Meetings Project (NMP) goals include developing a systematic, disciplined, and highly replicable model for helping Friends to nurture the creation of new, vibrant Quaker meetings and worship groups across the U.S.

FGC News | January 29th 2013

On January 18 -19, 2013, FGC hosted a consultation with representatives of all fifteen FGC affiliated yearly meetings in attendance.  Almost 40 Friends gathered at Pendle Hill for this event.  This consultation was funded by a generous grant from the Shoemaker Fund.  After a period

FGC News | January 24th 2013

In 2012, FGC received a generous grant from the Thomas H.

FGC News | October 10th 2012

FGC is pleased to announce the appointment of J. Brent Bill as coordinator of the New Meetings Project scheduled to begin this fall.  Brent is a well-known seasoned Friend who is an author, photographer, congregational consultant, retreat leader, and recorded Friends minister.

FGC News | September 10th 2012