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Here you will find news items of interest about FGC. We will also feature news items from other Quaker Organizations in the United States and Canada at their request.

In this issue of Vital Friends, we’re sharing important news about our organization and its future, as well as a link to our new Grow Our Meetings Toolkit and ideas that can help your meeting challenge racism. 

FGC News | November 6th 2015
Friends of FGC is a feature of our monthly Vital Friends eNewsletter that highlights a Quaker meeting, organization, or individual Friends who work with FGC to nurture faith and Quaker practice. We're pleased to feature FGC-affiliated Yearly Meeting Alaska Friends Conference for the month of November.
Quaker News | November 5th 2015

From Barry Crossno, General Secretary

FGC’s Central Committee, our governance group, meet October 22-25, 2015 at Pearlstone Center outside of Reisterstown, Maryland.

FGC News | November 2nd 2015
A Friend at FGC once said “In order to know God, we have to know all the faces of God.” This sentiment has become one of the rallying cries of FGC’s Ministry on Racism program, which works with individual Friends and Quaker meetings to examine the roots of white supremacy in order to facilitate a more diverse and egalitarian Religious Society of Friends.
FGC News | October 29th 2015
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FGC News | October 16th 2015
In this issue of Vital Friends, we're sharing resources to help you grow the spiritual life of your meeting, as well as lifting up a collection of worthwhile books to read this fall and an increasingly powerful web toolkit that is strengthening Quaker community and process in meetings around North America.
FGC News | September 30th 2015
Many Friends know and love Deborah Fisch. That’s not surprising, given that she is a faithful servant leader and follower of Spirit. For the past seventeen years, she has served FGC widely and well. She has shepherded many important projects (including Traveling Ministries), brought gospel ministry to meetings, quarterly meetings, and yearly meetings across the United States and Canada, and offered wise spiritual counsel to many Friends in various settings.
FGC News | September 30th 2015
FGC is pleased to introduce our Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) Fellow for the 2015-2016 service year, Richie Schulz! He will support the efforts of FGC’s Ministry on Racism Program, overseen by Coordinator Vanessa Julye.
FGC News | September 30th 2015
As more individuals turn to the world wide web to find new congregations (including Quaker meetings!) and pursue new spiritual paths, interest has grown in the potential of FGC's Quaker Cloud service. Since its humble beginnings in 2013, the Quaker Cloud has become an important tool for supporting Quaker community and process in North America.
FGC News | September 24th 2015


Curious about the work of Quakers around the world? We've compiled recent online news articles that featured Friends, web postings from FGC15 plenary presenters, and inspirational ideas for Quaker parents. Click on the title to view the full article. 


Quaker News | August 25th 2015

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