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Supporting children

Godly Play® and Faith & Play are extremely nurturing and supportive of children and their spiritual lives and this care is an integral part of the method.  Adequate training will help the teacher realize this in the classroom from week to week.  This is not the forum for detailing how the method supports children in their classroom, for a paragraph or two on the internet cannot replace a weekend of training. 

Even before getting training and starting with one of these Montessori-based approaches, however, there are many things you and your faith community can do to support children.  You can certainly learn the children's names, keep abreast of what is happening in their lives, and make every effort to integrate them into the full life of the community.  Welcoming, nurturing and supporting the children of the meeting is every individual’s and every committee’s responsibility; it is not just for parents and teachers.  Multigenerational activities and lessons can also help to build community and support and nurture children.  Ideas for supporting children, teachers, and the spiritual community of the meeting can be found on this page of the Philadelphia YM website.  

Faith & Play, when used multigenerationally, can be a vehicle for more fully integrating children into the meeting commuting.  Learn More >