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Teacher's Toolbox

Faith & Play requires training, but every one of us who have had training know that not everything can be covered in one or two weekends.  Some of the things in this toolbox are things you may have learned in a training weekend.  Storytellers and doorpersons, whether new to this work or veterans, need reminders and refreshers from time to time.  Some of this material only comes with the trial and error of experience.  We need to listen to one another and share ideas and experiences. 

"The 7-8 children who have participated in First Day School [using Faith & Play] have become a real spiritual community, caring for one another tenderly, with grace and true appreciation."
- a parent in a Friends meeting

Many of us who have been using Godly Play® and Faith & Play have found that this ministry is a work in progress.  We are always learning, experimenting, growing, making huge strides, falling down and picking ourselves and each other back up.  We continue with this important work because we love it, we are convinced again and again that the children we work and wonder with are living treasures, and we’ve found that the Spirit is working in amazing ways through story. This page is our attempt to support Faith & Play teachers by providing a place to share what we are growing into and to post your testimonials and tips.  Please let us know what you are learning.

Some Basic Tools for Teachers from Quaker Godly Play® Teachers
► Reflections on renewing your First Day School (FDS) program at the start of the FDS year
 ► Quaker-friendly ways to use Godly Play resources for Advent and Christmas
 ► Quaker-friendly ways to use Godly Play resources for Lent and Easter
 ► Tips on weaving Godly Play and Faith & Play stories into your existing curricula
 ► A brief introduction to wondering with children
 ► Guidelines for wondering with children in Godly Play and Faith & Play