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Visual storytelling

Visual storytelling magnifies the effects of the stories by adding multiple dimensions to the words. The storyteller’s slow and steady movements of the story materials, combined with the minimalism of the story texts, utilize both halves of the brain, especially the right, and can be mesmerizing. Each story has its own set of materials that are kept in a basket in the room, always in the same place so the children will know where to find them.  Each child has the opportunity, after hearing a story, to go to any story in the room and play with it. 

Story materials themselves are attractive, inviting and, whenever possible, natural.  In the story sets, wood, paper, fabric and natural objects such as stones and shells are preferable to items manufactured in plastic or acrylic. The storyteller always treats the materials with great care, and children nearly always mirror this respect and attention. 

Faith & Play and Godly Play® are quite different from the old flannel board approach, popular in Sunday Schools fifty years ago.  Training weekends provide teachers with the tools they will need to use these resources effectively.