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Teacher Training

Training is essential to get maximum benefit from either Faith & Play™ or Godly Play®.  Storytellers and those who work with them in the classroom need to have a firm grasp of the methodology and of the theology of childhood that form the underpinning for the pedagogy and the whole culture of the Godly Play®/Faith & Play™ classroom. 

Even experienced teachers and storytellers benefit from the training because the style of storytelling used in these approaches is significantly different from traditional storytelling and is sometimes counter-intuitive.  The training sessions are nurturing and deeply grounded; they ultimately benefit both the ones being trained and the children they work with. 

Training Availability

Training is available periodically through Friends General Conference (FGC) and Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and regularly through the Godly Play Foundation. 

Godly Play® core training through the Godly Play Foundation, the initial step in a two-year teacher certification process, takes three full days (18 to 21 hours of instruction and practice).  

Playing in the Light workshops (about 15 hours of instruction, modeling and practice) offer Friends (and friends of Friends) basic instruction in the use of Godly Play® and Faith & Play™, but do not necessarily lead to Godly Play teacher certification.  Led by certified Godly Play teacher trainers, they offer teachers what they need to know to begin using Godly Play stories (minus the liturgical lessons) and Faith & Play stories in Quaker contexts.  These trainings are offered through Friends General Conference (FGC) and Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

FGC and Philadelphia Yearly Meeting also offer demonstrations and 4-hour introductions to Godly Play and Faith & Play for meeting communities that wish to explore the possibilities of these rich resources, but are not yet ready to commit to the program.  These introductions offer spiritual refreshment and nurture, and can be very helpful for meetings in discernment about whether to seek training for their teachers.  Contact Friends General Conference for more information on Quaker-led trainings and introductory workshops. Email faithandplay@fgcquaker.org.

Visit the Godly Play website for a listing of Godly Play® teacher certification weekends and other training opportunities offered through the Godly Play organization.

Your monthly, quarterly or yearly meeting can host a training.  FGC delivers to your door.

Click here to learn more about hosting a Playing in the Light training.