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Thoughts and tips about purchasing, making and using story materials

Faith & Play: Quaker Stories for Friends Trained in the Godly Play Method

The first volume in a series of Montessori-inspired lesson stories created by Friends to help children find words and images for expressing their experiences of holy mystery and wonder in their lives. The 2012 edition includes eleven stories, available for a modest fee in downloadable .pdf format.
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Jugar llenos de fe: Relatos de los cuáqueros para los Amigos entrenados en el método de Jugar Junto a Dios® 

Faith & Play™ has been translated into Spanish!  New England Yearly Meeting shepherded this amazing project to bring Faith & Play stories to Spanish-speaking Friends.  The Spanish volume includes all eleven stories along with sections on resources and materials.  Added pieces on Parts of the Lesson for Friends, Wondering with Children, and "What is the 'play' in Godly Play/Faith & Play?" 

Go here for the free downloadable .pdf of Faith & Play in Spanish!



Story materials should be of the nicest quality you can buy or create, and simple in their color and shape. Wood is preferable to plastic, and simplicity of form leads to children using their imagination more fully.


When working with story materials, be tender and gentle. Your respect for the materials and for the story is important modeling for the children.



Quaker Figures

Quaker FiguresSimple wooden figures of adults and children are central to many Faith & Play stories.

Quakers I and II from Quaker Cottage Industries are no longer available from FGC Quakerbooks, but you can make your own!  The Faith & Play working group of PhYM has put together a "DIY" guide for people figures and felt hats and bonnets (for stories set in the 17th-19th centuries).  With felt hats and bonnets removed, figures can be used to represent present-day Friends. We suggest you stain the faces different shades to reflect the diversity of our human community.

Download documents for making your own Quaker figures 

How to make Quaker bonnets



Faith & Play Creations

Complete sets of materials for telling Faith & Play™ stories may be purchased through QuakerBooks of Friends General Conference.  We recently added two "DIY" kits for two stories.  Order now >

Young Children and Worship, by S. Stewart and J. Berryman

Many of the stories in this volume are similar to ones in the Godly Play® volumes, but we feel they are less open-ended and are somewhat more teacher-directed.  The volume is recomended for the helpful story material patterns that are provided at the back of the book .  Order now >

Following Jesus: More about Young Children and Worship, by Sonja M. Stewart

This volume contains 34 stories about Jesus' ministry (teaching, parables, healing), including stories about his interactions with groups and individuals. Patterns for story materials are provided in one of the appendixes. While clearly not part of the Godly Play body of stories, and (in our opinion) the stories are less rich and nuanced than those in Godly Play, you have the option of using this resource as an occasional supplement to your curriculum.  Order now >

Story and Classroom Materials at Worship Woodworks

From this website you can order story sets, baskets, trays, felt, and many other materials for your classroom. This site supports both Godly Play® and Young Children and Worship programs. (Many of the stories in Young Children and Worship, created by Sonja Stewart and Jerome Berryman, are very similar to the Godly Play® stories.)  Visit their website or call 888-689-6757.

Local Commercial Stores

Wooden doll bases, available from craft stores, may be used to create simple figures for Faith & Play stories. Wooden flooring samples are sometimes available from flooring stores; these can be used for the Prayer and Friends Meeting for Worship Story.  Carpet squares for your classroom are often available at reasonable prices at flooring stores, perhaps at a discount if you buy in bulk and explain how they will be used. 

Local Artists

If you are not “crafty,” look to others within your meeting. There may well be someone who is a woodworker, painter, sculptor, or craftsperson who would be delighted to serve the children of the meeting by creating story materials. Even if you are proficient at crafting your own materials, you might want to invite others to contribute to the life of the meeting in this way. It could be a blessing to someone.

Godly Play® Resources

The Faith & Play™ teacher or parent will, naturally, also be telling Godly Play® stories. Godly Play® Resources carries story sets for Godly Play® stories. You may purchase them or use them as a guide when creating your own story materials. (There are great pictures of materials at this site!)  Visit their website or call 620-635-4018.