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Godly Play® and Faith & Play in the home

In addition to the ways stories may organically develop at home when children are using Godly Play and Faith & Play in religious education classes, families have a resource for nurturing the Spirit and their family community using story.

Godly Play® offers interesting materials for Christmas and Easter which can be used to deepen our experience of these holidays.  For example, the series of Advent stories available from Godly Play might be told after dinner on Sunday evenings leading to Christmas, helping to enrich both the children's understanding of the story of Christmas and their sense of wonder as it approaches. 

"My children are as excited to see our Godly Play® Advent materials unpacked with the Christmas decorations as they are to see their own stockings!" - Melinda Wenner Bradley 

Using Godly Play and Faith & Play in the home also provides a unique opportunity for parents and children to connect with one another by sharing wonder, Spirit, and the power of not knowing answers.  Through stories, whether told by parents or children, a place is created where we don't need to have all the answers.  We can wonder together and be on the journey together.  Creating a space where silence is welcomed, care and responsibility for belongings is valued, and uncertainty is accepted, is a gift to our families in the midst of complex, busy lives. 

The type of wondering employed in Godly Play® and in Faith & Play can also be used to great effect in the home apart from storytelling.  Learn more.