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Godly Play®

Godly Play®, created by Jerome and Thea Berryman, is an experiential and open-ended approach to teaching the Bible to children.  Many Quakers have found Godly Play® to be beautifully Quaker-friendly. 

Six volumes in the eight-volume series contain over 80 stories.  The remaining two volumes are filled with practical aids for teachers.  Some of the stories are generally ill-adapted to Friends settings since they deal with sacraments and traditional liturgical topics such as the colors of the church year.  All story scripts include drawings of story materials and directions for the storyteller’s movements. 

Godly Play® resources are available from QuakerBooks of FGC.  Call 1-800-966-4556, e-mail bookstore@fgcquaker.org or order online.

The Complete Guide to Godly Play (series), Jerome Berryman

  • Volume 1: How to Lead Godly Play Lessons  includes material you will need to become familiar with the Godly Play® approach, including how to create a special space for children, planning and presenting Godly Play® stories and helping children’s spiritual development. (2002)
  • Volume 2: Presentations for Fall includes an opening lesson and Old Testament stories covering Creation through the Prophets. (2002)
  • Volume 3: Presentations for Winter includes 20 stories based on stories of Jesus’ birth and the parables. (2002)
  • Volume 4: Presentations for Spring includes 20 more stories from the life of Jesus, including his death and resurrection. (2003)
  • Volume 5: Practical Helps from Godly Play Trainers presents insights, stories and  ideas from experienced teachers to help you use Godly Play® to its fullest potential. (2003)
  • Volume 6: Additional Enrichment Lessons to Supplement Fall includes 15 presentations about the biblical characters, including stories about Abraham, Sarah, Moses and Ruth. (2006)
  • Volume 7: 16 Enrichment Presentations on the saints of the church, including St. Valentine and St. Nicholas (2008)
  • Volume 8: 15 Enrichment Presentations.  The lessons in this final volume are designed to tie all the others together and present a vision for the spiral curriculum of Godly Play. (2012)