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Faith & Play in Friends schools

Faith & Play can be used in Friends schools, particularly for Kindergarten-6th grade, as another resource for learning about Quaker faith and practice. 

“I told the [Faith & Play] Prayer and Friends Meeting for Worship story to three classes of 19 sixth graders at school last Friday, and their listening and wondering were AMAZING.”
- a teacher in a Friends school

The experiential method might be appealing to teachers who are teaching about Quakerism and need resources beyond history or reading-based lessons.  Storytelling in the method of Godly Play® and Faith & Play is in itself worship, and schools might find it useful to use storytelling as a basis for meeting for worship in their community.  The Faith & Play stories on Meeting for Worship, Listening for God, Queries, George Fox and Mary Fisher may be particularly useful for school settings, and connect to curriculum goals about Meeting for Worship and teaching about Friends' testimonies. 

Friends schools interested in using Faith & Play should be in touch with the Faith & Play working group of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting for information about training and storytellers available to visit classes.