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Bridging from the classroom to the home

Our spiritual lives are by no means limited to our experiences on First Day! 

Meetings that use Godly Play® might consider including in a monthly or quarterly newsletter, calendar, or flyer information for parents about what stories they have told and which ones are coming up. Parents find wondering questions useful after First Day School or a day at school ("I wonder what part of your day you liked best?").  Sharing the wondering questions for stories which have been told and offering suggestions about wondering together as a family could be very helpful for parents.

One of the most powerful examples of how deeply children experience Godly Play® and Faith & Play stories is when their work with stories finds its way home.  Parents might consider having materials for one or more stories available at home, where children can continue to explore connections to stories and their spiritual life.  Often a child is drawn to a particular story week after week during their work time at First Day School.  Perhaps this is a story they would appreciate having at home. 

More often, stories develop at home because of the children's connection to the method they are being exposed to on First Day. 

"My own children have a combination of stories I've created for them, materials from Godly Play resources, and the story materials they create themselves when a story unfolds during their play." - Melinda Wenner Bradley

Formal story materials (or known stories) aren't even a necessity when this kind of play happens at home; what emerges – and it is a joy to experience this with your children – is their connection to the method of storytelling being used.  Having a child invite you into the circle they've created on the living room floor, listening to the wonder in their voice as they tell or create a story, watching the reverent way they handle the materials they've chosen, and observing siblings or friends drawn into their circle are evidence of how Godly Play and Faith & Play provide tools for both spiritual growth and lessons for life.