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Getting Started


“I have heard the children who have participated in the sessions at Goshen [Meeting] go deep, and it’s clear they are exploring their own spiritual lives, individually and together.  I haven’t seen this happen with such depth in other contexts and I’ve taught First Day School for years.”  - Lucy Duncan

Discernment of the meeting community
Interest in using Godly Play® and Faith & Play may come from parents, religious education committee members, or Friends in a meeting who have seen the method used in multigenerational or religious education settings. Learn more >

Why teach the Bible to children?
The stories of the Bible are our stories as people of God, Friends, and culturally literate members of the world community.
Learn more>

Why Quaker stories for children?
Storytelling is a powerful vehicle for drawing children into a topic.  The storytelling method used in Faith & Play (like Godly Play®) is deeply respectful of children and their spiritual lives. Learn more >

The need for teacher training
It cannot be said enough times that Godly Play® and Faith & Play require training.   Everything the teachers say and do in the Godly Play®/Faith & Play classroom are for a reason.  Learn more >

Resources & Materials
Thoughts and tips about purchasing, making and using story materials. Learn more >

Getting help
Faith & Play assistance for individual teachers, religious education committees, Friends schools or Friends meetings is available from the Faith & Play Working Group and from the Religious Education Program of Friends General Conference and the program coordinator.  Learn more >