Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Steps for Participating with Quaker Quest

These steps show the process a meeting may go through to participate with Quaker Quest activities.

Learn About Quaker Quest
  • Read the materials provided on the website. Be inclusive and share the details widely with Friends at your meeting.
  • Let FGC know that you are looking into Quaker Quest and contact the office with any questions you have.
Discern about Full-Day Workshop
  • Bring a request to meeting for business. Meeting for business will discern whether the community would benefit from a Full-Day
    Workshop. The discernment is only for the Full-Day Workshop.
  • If the meeting is led to hold a Full-Day Workshop, contact FGC with three possible dates on which to hold the event.
  • Form a group or committee to plan the Full-Day Workshop.
Hold the Full-Day Workshop

The Full-Day Workshop is for the entire community and will focus on:

  • Deepening your current community
  • Helping your meeting become more welcoming to newcomers
  • Learning about how Quaker Quest activities can support your meeting
Discern About Public Sessions
  • Discern whether your meeting is led to hold public sessions. Is the meeting ready to welcome newcomers even if it means change?
  • Form a Core Group.  (See PDF on the Core Group Model)
  • Take six months or more to prepare for newcomers before the Half -Day Session.
  • Bring a proposal to Business Meeting for community discernment.
  • If approved a group or committee will need form to shepherd the public sessions.
  • Contact FGC to schedule a Half-Day Preparation Session six weeks before the Public Sessions begin.
Hold Half-Day Prepartaion Session
  • The Half-Day Preparation Session will deliver information and training for everyone in the meeting, including support for the planning committee, presenters, hosts, small group leaders, and hospitality providers.
Hold Public Sessions
  • Implement plans for publicity.
  • Host a series of public sessions, at the same time and place each week, focusing on several topics that are important to the local community and to the meeting.
  • Plan ways to incorporate newcomers into the life of the meeting.  For example: start group lunches, small classes, or community service projects.