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Press Coverage of QuakerQuest Events

QuakerQuest and the meetings that have gone through the program have been covered by the press, both Quaker and otherwise.  Here's a selection of articles about QuakerQuest in the US:

January 2014: News & Record - Jeri Rowe: Looking at the world as a Quaker

First Friends Meeting in Greensboro used the QuakerQuest model to promote and publicize an event with Phil Gulley.  They had about 150 folks—newcomers and folks from other meetings—over the course of the weekend.

October 2013: StarTribune: Minneapolis Quakers hold 'get acquainted' gatherings

Most people know from history class that many early American leaders were Quakers. They’re also likely to be familiar with the religious group’s emphasis on pacifism and simple living.

But the Minneapolis Friends Meeting, a small group of Quakers who worship in Linden Hills, wants the public to learn much more about the centuries-old faith. That’s why throughout October and November, Minneapolis Friends will hold several gatherings to better acquaint the public with all things Quaker.

September 2012: First Friends Meeting of Greensboro in the News: Quaker Quest - Friends Share Their Faith with Neighbors

May 2012: The Friend: Quaker Quest ten years on

Alec Davison describes the origins and developments of Quaker Quest and celebrates a decade of an experimental vision.

January 2012: Albany Meeting in the News: Cold Day Punctuates Passion for Peace

Profile of David Easter, peace activist and member of Albany Friends Meeting, as part of Quaker Quest

September 2010: Topeka Friends Meeting in the News: Program sheds light on Quakers

While many people have heard of Quakers, some may not be familiar with the beliefs and practices of the group.

A three-part program, which will start Thursday and repeat in October, is out to change that.

January 2010: Quaker Quest in the Guardian: My Quaker quest

I'm an atheist; I distrust evangelism. So what was I doing sitting in silent worship among Quakers every week?

Last autumn found me attending Quaker Quest, a weekly free programme open to those interested in learning about the Society of Friends. Having completed some reading (from Quaker Faith and Practice to the small but lively Quaker blogosphere)before deciding to attend, I knew that my own morals were running in parallel with many of the testimonies shared by British Friends: a commitment to truth and social justice, peace, equality, simplicity, and an emphasis on community work.