Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Let Your Love Speak

Workshop Number: 
Robin Greenler, Corry Greenler
Who may register?: 
Intergenerational (50% HS and young adults, 50% older)
Experiential Activities: 
full-time attenders only

Use art to reach your Divine and send it out into the world. We will explore the art form of blank postcards and various art media to give voice to our love and to discover more deeply how Spirit speaks to us and how we hold others in the Light.

Workshop Description

This workshop will create postcard art pieces using a wide range of media such as collage, watercolor, oil pastel, charcoal, even poetry.  We will explore how the Divine works through us in our art in a format that produces quick art pieces that are then addressed and given away!  This format will be a way to explore how we let our love speak and travel into the world. We will explore how to use this discipline to deeply hold someone in the Light, to reach out to strangers, to connect with one another, to love ourselves, and to send our gift of love out to the world.  We will explore questions of what it means to create and to give away our creations and what it means to let our love speak!

During the week we will hope to have time to deepen our relationship to the Divine while simultaneously finding outlets to let that Divine speak in the world.  We hope to have fun and learn techniques and disciplines that allow us to live out the love we have been given, both love to others and self love.  We will all be learning together.

Each day will start and end with some worship or worship sharing on the deeper currents that our work brings forth.  We will also consider some queries to help us more fully embrace the playful, spiritual, loving, fun and unexpected faces of our work.  We will work individually, in pairs or small groups and as a full group, in worship and in conversation.  We will create quick sketches and settle into longer creations. We will create art individually for specific people as a way to hold them in the Light, and we will explore ways the whole group can collectively hold an individual with our work and creative leadings. We will spend approximately 45 minutes per day  total in worship and worship sharing.  The rest of the time will be experientially creating, considering and sharing our art work. We hope to be able to send our creations and allow our love to travel to others, both within our group and outside our group, throughout the week. We may spend some time outside for inspiration and fun!

Another part of our vision for the workshop is to create a powerful and deeply intergenerational community for sharing and exploration and, as such, hope that this workshop will draw all ages from high school through much older friends.  As co-leaders (who are 17 years and 52 years old) we believe that listening to the Divine and creative expression are ageless and that we can all mentor and elder for one another in the journey. Throughout the week as we learn new ways of letting our life speak, we hope to create connections and a community across generations. We would ask that those who choose to take this workshop do so with a willingness to engage openly with those of different ages, generations, perspectives and life experiences.  This diversity will enhance the experience for us all.

Participants are encouraged to bring examples to share of postcards or cards that they have made or have been made for them.

Leader Experience

Corry: I have been raised a Quaker and the Quaker community has become very important to me. I have had many rewarding and powerful experiences within Quaker settings. I also have a deep love for all forms of art. I am excited to be a co-leader of this workshop that brings bothe Quakerism and art together. It will be wonderful to embark as an intergenerational group on a journey as we explore how we hold others in the light through various art forms. As we explore, both individually and as a group, different art forms and ways of sending love out into the world, I think we will be able to create a wonderful and open space for each of us to thrive in as we walk this journey together.

Robin: As a lifelong Friend, I search out ways to let my life speak of the love, Spirit and Divine inspiration that I (sometimes) experience at the center.
I stumbled into the postcard art form as a spiritual practice several years ago and have found it to be a rich addition to putting some more love, intention, and direction into the oft used, "I'll hold you in the Light" Quaker comfort. As I explore it further, it branches into areas of self-love, forgiveness, reaching out, and healing. I feel that I am still very much exploring this medium and look forward to doing it with the workshop participants.

Additionally I have a passion for finding ways to build a vibrant, intergenerational Religious Society of Friends where spiritual gifts are shared and celebrated regardless of age. I am delighted to be able to co-lead this workshop as part of an intergenerational team with Corry and believe that artistic expression is an area where we are more open to truly exploring as equals, regardless of age.