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FULL: Kundalini Yoga: Let Your Body Lead You to Worship

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Ann Ritter
Who may register?: 
Open to All (adult & high school)
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part time-attenders welcome
half gathering attenders welcome
First half (Monday-Wednesday)
Second half (Wednesday/Thursday-Friday)

Kundalini Yoga meets you where and as you are, asking only that you open yourself to its richness. This workshop includes various moving and held body and hand positions, and breathing, all to musical accompaniment. The practice attunes the body, quiets the mind, and opens the way for worship and communion with Spirit.

Workshop Description

Suitable for beginners (those with no yoga experience) as well as more advanced yoga practitioners, this Kundalini Yoga workshop is not about how to perfect postures. Rather it is about showing up and staying present. It is about how to use the parts of the body--including hands, arms, legs and feet; the breath; the voice; and the brain to gain deeper access to true worship and communion with spirit. Through both movement and stillness, the yoga is your guide to a more heart-centered way of walking the earth every day.

The yoga sessions will include various mixes of asana (posture), mudra (hand and foot positioning), mantra (chant), and meditation done to music. Following each session, we will move into silent meditation, followed by worship sharing.  There will be small amount of lecturing more by way of explanation and clarification than about yoga pedagogy.

Experiential portions of the workshop will include a mix of sitting and standing, with the majority of time devoted to sitting. Those who cannot sit on the floor on a yoga mat are welcomed and encouraged to use a regular chair, an exercise ball or any other props that will allow them to feel included and enabled, as well as comfortable. Worship sharing also may be done seated in chairs or on the floor, depending on our room assignment and available resources.

Please plan to dress in clothing that is stretchy and allows for freedom of movement. A personal yoga mat is most desirable, as well as pillows and other personal props, and a light covering for meditation, in case our room is kept cold. (Many of these items also might be available at our site as extras.)    

Leader Experience

I have lead similar Kundalini Yoga workshops at the Gathering in 2008 and 2013. I regularly teach Kundalini Yoga classes and in the past year have done specialty workshops at various yoga studios on Kundalini Yoga as an aid for ongoing self reflection, and personal growth and healing. I also became certified in 2013 in Kundalini Yoga for those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.