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Campaign for Human Rights in Palestine/Israel

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Mike Merryman-Lotze, Sandra Tamari
Who may register?: 
Open to All (adult & high school)
Experiential Activities: 
full-time attenders only

For those interested in engaging in peace and justice activism related to Israel and Palestine.  This workshop will provide the information needed to organize and engage in targeted boycott and divestment campaigns against companies and institutions complicit in or directly supporting human rights violations and violence in Palestine and Israel.

Workshop Description

This workshop will provide training and support to individuals interested in engaging in peace and justice activism related to Israel and Palestine with a specific focus on boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) activism. 


Our objective for the session is to provide participants with the skills and information they need to organize and implement effective boycott and divestment campaigns in their communities.  This workshop will also help support the development of the new Quaker Palestine Israel Network which was launched by Quakers in September of 2013. 


We will start the week with a general session focused on developing a common understanding among participants about the current situation in Israel and Palestine and AFSC’s engagement in and principles regarding the conflict.  Our second session will introduce participants to the Palestinian BDS call and the wide variety of campaigns and responses that have developed from that call.  The third, fourth, and fifth sessions will focus on skills building, covering a variety of topics that will help participants organize their own campaigns including but not limited to target identification, goal setting, community mapping, action planning, building a coalition, dealing with push back, and finding allies. 


These later sessions will draw from the facilitators’ experiences helping to organize both local and national BDS campaigns. 


Sessions will include 20 minutes of worship followed by interactive sessions that will mix lectures, discussions, and practical exercises. 


A short list of reading materials will be provided to individuals interested in participating in the session prior to the gathering.  This session is best suited for individuals already somewhat familiar with or engaged in activism around Palestine and Israel related issues.   

Leader Experience

Both Mike and Sandra frequently speak and facilitate interactive workshops on issues related to the Middle East, in particular on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Sandra is a Palestinian-American Quaker and has been actively involved in advocacy work for several decades. Mike works with AFSC as their Palestine-Israel Program Director and has been engaged in Israel/Palestine work for over 15 years.