Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Description of Workgrants

With the exception of Junior Gathering support staff, workgrants are most appropriate for Friends who have previously attended the Gathering. Here is a sampling of workgrants.

Workgrant TypeDollar Value
2015 Workgrant Values


Book Store Gopher (25%): for a Friend with lots of physical energy who can help set up the store on Saturday and Sunday, and provide a little bit of help later i the week.  Does NOT conflict with morning workshops, nor with most evening programs.

High School Counselor (100%): for Friends who want to devote their Gathering to a wonderful group of High School Friends.  Involves living in the High School dorm.  Training for Counselors begins Friday evening.

Information Desk -morning shift (50%): work at the Information Desk in the mornings.

Information Desk - no mornings (40%): take a workshop and work 3-4 hours/day at the Information Desk.

Junior Gathering evening support staff (40%): work M-F 6:30 pm-9 pm plus attend all day training on Sunday. 

Junior Gathering morning support staff (50%): work M-F 8:30 am-noon plus attend all day training on Sunday.

Junior Gathering Snack Coordinator (mornings) (50%): apportion and deliver snacks to morning Junior Gathering classes.

Photographer (50%). High quality portraits and group photos capturing the vitality of the Gathering. For an experienced photographer who can share a sample of previous work with FGC staff.

Pre-Gathering office support (25-60%): work in Philadelphia office during the work week in May and June. Familiarity with Word and Excel needed.  This year there is a strong need for Friends skilled with Excel, including logic, complex sorting, and Vlookup.  (We don't need math or budgeting skills.)

Truck Loading and Unloading (25%):  load and unload the Gathering truck in Philadelphia on Wednesday morning July 1, 2015 and on Monday morning July 13 (this date might be changed to July 12).

Shuttle Driver (40%): Drive a  minivan back and forth between Asheville airport, and the WCU campus Friday, July 3 through Sunday, July 5. Requires at least 5 years driving experience and a drivers license valid in the U.S.A.