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Read general information about Financial Aid before reading detailed information below.

On this page, read about scholarship assistance for:

First-Time Gathering Attenders

If you receive a scholarship from your monthly, quarterly, or yearly meeting, you are eligible for a matching FGC scholarship (up to established maximums) as long as funds remain. FGC's scholarship may exceed the amount of this match.  If your meeting is not able to provide as much assistance as it would like, a letter or email from the meeting will increase the likelihood of FGC meeting your financial need. For example, if your meeting can only give $50 but wishes it could give $300, FGC would like to know. If you have not attended an FGC Gathering for at least 15 years, we will consider you eligible for a first-time attender scholarship.

Without a scholarship or a letter from your meeting, financial aid from FGC will be minimal (approximately half of your program fee).

Teen and young adult first-time attenders (up to age 35) who identify as Quakers and are not connected to a meeting will receive priority scholarship assistance if they have a current or recent affiliation with a Quaker organization (e.g., school, camp, or Quaker employer) in the region of an affiliated yearly meeting.

Friends from unaffiliated meetings in North Pacific and Pacific Yearly Meetings are eligible for the Pacific/North Pacific Newcomers Scholarship.

Returning Attenders

Returning attenders may apply for FGC scholarships whether or not they receive financial assistance from their meeting. You are encouraged to request support from your meeting so that FGC may extend its support to more people.

Families, Youth, and Young Adults

FGC scholarships for families and youth will continue to be awarded after other funds have been fully disbursed. For the purposes of this scholarship, a family consists of any party eligible for the Family Discount. "Youth and young adults" means anyone 35 years or younger. These funds are awarded via the standard application process which starts by completing the registration form.

See below for information about special assistance for young adults from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

Friends from Unaffiliated Meetings/Yearly Meetings including Pacific and North Pacific Yearly Meetings

FGC is an organization of fifteen yearly meetings or regional groups and twelve directly affiliated monthly meetings.  See the complete list here. Pacific Yearly Meeting is not affiliated with FGC (Davis and Sacramento Meeting are directly affiliated), and North Pacific Yearly Meeting is not affiliated (Olympia is directly affiliated).  The conservative yearly meetings are not affiliated, except that some North Carolina Conservative Meetings are affiliated via their membership in Piedmont Friends Fellowship. Many other yearly meetings are also not affiliated.

Friends from affiliated meetings who register by April 30 have priority access to FGC scholarship funds. This means that Friends from unaffiliated meetings who register during April will only have their scholarship requests considered on May 1, with these exceptions:

Pacific/North Pacific Newcomers Scholarship

Thanks to a generous gift from a western donor, Friends from unaffiliated meetings in Pacific and North Pacific Yearly Meetings who have not attended the Gathering in the past 15 years are eligible for the Pacific/North Pacific Newcomers Scholarship, up to established maximums.  These funds are designated specifically for newcomers from these two yearly meetings.  Therefore, April registrants will have their scholarship request immediately considered.

Friends from the Pacific Yearly Meeting ages 14-25 exceed the maximums.  For these younger Friends, travel funds exceeding the Western Travel Grant may be available upon request to the Gathering Conference Coordinator.

Special Assistance for Young Adults from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Thanks to a generous grant from Friends Institute, three forms of supplemental financial aid are available to young adults, 18-35 years, from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PhlYM). Young adults in the PhlYM region are eligible, whether or not they are a member of a meeting.

Apply for this special assistance simply by stating your scholarship needs when completing your Gathering registration.

For PhlYM First-Time Attenders and Long-Absent Attenders.  If you have never attended the FGC Gathering, or you last attended in 2010 or earlier, then you are eligible for as much as a FULL scholarship while funds remain.  A full scholarship covers your program fee, three meals a day in the cafeteria, and housing in a shared room without air conditioning, starting Sunday evening with dinner.  You are also eligible for a scholarship to cover the housing costs of the pre-Gathering AYF retreat.

For PhlYM Friends Attending the Pre-Gathering AYF Retreat.  All young adults in the PhlYM region may request a scholarship for the AYF retreat fee and associated housing costs.

Travel grants.  All young adults in the PhlYM region may request a travel grant of $150.

Exceptions to the Scholarship Maximum

In addition to exceptions described above for certain Friends from Philadelphia and Pacific Yearly Meetings, the Gathering may exceed the scholarship maximum for a limited number of Friends experiencing financial hardship.  Such exceptions are given to individuals or families that meet one or more of these criteria. 

  • Recipient of U.S. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Canadian Guaranteed Income Supplement  (GIS)
  • Recipient of U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Income below the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines or Canadian LICO

Scholarships for Pre-Gathering Events

Each pre-Gathering event has slightly different arrangements regarding financial assistance.  Please refer to information about each event for more information.

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