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Family Housing

High Schoolers are all housed in the High School dorm. Most families choose General Housing (everyone is automatically assigned to General Housing unless they choose a cluster ). These families are housed together according to the age of their youngest child unless one child is a rising 7th, 8th or 9th grader in which case the family is housed with other families with 7th, 8th or 9th grade children. Families may choose the FLGBTQC cluster, or young adults with children 5 years or younger may choose the AYF cluster.  In each of these cases, families are less likely to be housed near similarly aged children.

Because of the set up of suites on this campus, making decisions about what kind of housing to request can get complicated.  Please read Family Housing Details and Examples prior to registering for the Gathering.

Children on Floor

Up to two children 10 years or younger may sleep on the floor of a double room once both beds are paid for. Children sleeping on the floor must bring a bedroll, pillow, and towel. If a single parent chooses a double room with one child on the floor, we will make every effort to find them parent-and-child roommates. If we are unable to do so, the parent must pay for a bed for the child.

Access Needs

All dorms have roll-in entrances and elevators.  Please indicate your mobility limitations in the Access portion of the registration form. If you have other specific housing needs, please be specific when you complete your registration. ADA rooms are available.   If you have concerns about how your needs will be met, please contact the FGC office.

Housing Clusters

Read about housing clusters.

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