Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Meals at the Gathering

Full-time and Half-Gathering registrants have these choices regarding food during the Gathering.  Each registrant makes one choice for the period starting with Sunday June 29 dinner through Saturday July 5 lunch (or throughout their half-Gathering registration period). 

  • Three meals a day in the cafeteria
  • Two meals a day (lunch and dinner) in the cafeteria
  • Cafeteria breakfast and lunch, plus a cooperatively cooked dinner (full-time registrants only)
  • Cafeteria lunch, plus a cooperatively cooked dinner (full-time registrants only)
  • No meal plan (off-campus housing only)

Children under 4 years eat for free. Commuters may choose a meal plan or purchase individual meals for cash. Part-time attenders may purchase individual meals for cash.

Special Diets: Vegetarian and vegan dishes will be a part of all meals. Friends with medical dietary needs may be accommodated in the college cafeteria if they provide specific information about their requirements when they register.

Wednesday Simple Meal :  Wednesday lunch will feature an optional simple meal of beans and rice or peanut butter sandwiches. Savings in cost are contributed to Right Sharing of World Resources. We hope you will participate; indicate Y/N on the Registration Form.

Purchasing Meals on Campus: Tickets may be purchased on site for individual meals, starting with dinner on Sunday June 29. All Gathering registrants with on-campus housing or camping must purchase a meal plan. See Gathering Fees for individual meal prices.

On-site tickets will not be available for pre-Gathering meals which must be ordered by June 10.



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